Adnan Alaoda

With two bachelor degrees, one in Journalism from the University of Damascus and another in Theatre Criticism and Literature from the same university (2000), Alaoda has worked for many years with script writing for TV and theatre in Syria and the United Arab Emirates. He also writes scripts for documentaries and short films as well as lyrics for many popular songs, in collaboration with famous bands and singers such as Lena Chamamyan.

In his work as a poet and as a scriptwriter, Alaoda has explored the concept of identity in Syrian culture, in particular national, ethnic and religious identity. In his works, which have been described by critics as sensitive, sincere and original, Alaoda depicts the values and life style of the Bedouin communities in an in-depth realistic manner. He tends to write in the accents and dialects of different cultural groups in Syria, as well as the different dialects of Bedouin tribes, which add a sense of intimacy to his work.

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