About us

About us

Oriental Landscapes started in Syria in 2009 and was held 2 times in Damascus. The latest Dutch editions of Oriental Landscapes in 2017 and 2018 were organized by Music and Beyond Foundation (based in The Hague)

Our mission is to stimulate understanding, promote diversity and foster respect through open dialogue and the diffusion of knowledge for cultures in conflict. We strive to fulfill our mission through music and other forms of art in creating cultural exchange initiatives and projects between East and Western nations with the specialization in Syrian-Oriental and Eastern European cultures.

Our values: Respect, collaboration, exchange, diversity, peace, compassion, engagement, empowerment, education and inquiry, hope, trust, confidence, inclusiveness, social cohesion, beauty, peace, friendship, and acceptance.


Hannibal Saad

Founding director and General Manager of Oriental Landscapes

Maryana Golovchenko

Project Manager, coordinator and production leader of Oriental Landscapes

Emlyn Stam

Artistic Co-producer,founding member of the New European Ensemble as well as the ensemble’s Artistic Coordinator

Charlotte Brand


Oula Haidar

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