June 19

June 19

Korzo (The Hague)

Day Program is presented in cooperation with The Hague Peace Projects

Free for public, registration is required:

The Future of Syria
Public brainstorm on rebuilding a war-torn nation

The first day will consist of a discussion surrounding the future of Syria; During the morning we will have panel discussions with high level experts involved in the peace negotiations on Syria. This will be followed by various workshops related to different aspects of rebuilding Syria.

Future of Syria

Since 2011, the Syrian war has forced half of the total Syrian population to leave their homes and more than half a million Syrian have lost their lives. This war has profoundly destabilized the entire region and created a geopolitical standoff between great regional and global powers. Although the development of the war in Syria is uncertain, it is crucial for Syrians as well as the international community to envision a future, which strives for security, justice and peace.

Therefore, the Hague Peace Projects will bring together high- level speakers from Syria and the Netherlands to explore the possible outlines of the future of Syria. There will be a panel discussion in the morning that will also follow the recent changes and the on-going negotiation processes over Syria.

In the afternoon, several workshops will be organised by Syrian activists who are together looking for common ground to contribute to peace building in their country of origin by considering themes on workshops such as: the war economy, transitional justice, empowering women and youth, local governance and strengthening local communities.


Evening Program is presented in cooperation with Salon Joussour

16 euro | Korzo pas: 12,50 euro | under 27/student: 7,50 euro

18:00 Lecture (interview with Tony Overwater)
19:00 Syrian buffet
20:30 Concert

– Line-up –

Jasser Haj Youssef  – violin
Maarten Ornstein – clarinet
Nizar Rohana – oud
Tony Overwater – double bass
Nasser Salameh – percussion

Rohana Overwater Ensemble

A real musical dialogue between cultures requires a thorough understanding of each other`s cultural language. Genuine interest, curiosity and research to the smallest details, the nuances and the rhetoric of each other’s musical language is needed in order to create something new – something that qualities from both worlds increases rather than bogged down in platitudes and stereotypes.

The Rohana Overwater Ensemble is the fruit of the musical friendship between Palestinian oud player Nizar Rohana and Dutch bassist Tony Overwater. Together they selected three leading musicians from the Arab world and Netherlands: clarinetist Maarten Ornstein; Tunisian violinist and viola d’amore player Jasser Haj Youssef and the Jordanian percussionist Nasser Salameh; Led by Tony and Nizar, will bring each member of the ensemble are a number of compositions in and together they strive for the creation of new music and a new sound. Some years ago the paths of the Palestinian oud player Nizar Rohana and bassist Tony Overwater together and developed a close musical friendship. What she shared a genuine curiosity about each other’s musical world. the classic Arabic music and the world of improvisation and old western music. Rohana’s academic background, he does research at the University of Leiden in the phrasing of the Arab taqsim styles and Overwaters broad musical interests led to a detailed examination of the nuances of each and rhetoric styles.

In this they differ from many so-called crossover projects mainly the stereotypical characteristics of the selected music together stuck. Rohana and Overwater seek a deeper fusion after the Details of the maqam oriented musical styles with all its dialects, harmony driven music not shunned by the West with all its subtleties and complexities to become.

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