Oriental Landscapes is a contemporary oriental music festival

The artistic vision of Oriental Landscapes carries a reflection on the history of Oriental music and searches for a common ground for the future of the shared musical heritage of the Oriental world. With each new edition, we take our audiences on a new journey through time exploring origins, interactions, and innovation in maqam, the main building block of oriental music, whilst focusing on different regions and countries.

The artistic program of Oriental Landscapes dedicated its target by means of a selection of conferences, concerts, and workshops with scholars and international artists in five cities around The Netherlands. The conferences debateĀ about the history, the origins and the different forms of maqam from Ancient Greece, Iran, Ancient Syria, and Turkey, and their neighboring countries, as a common musical ground, for its interaction with the Arabian, Persian, Turkish, Indian, and other Oriental music heritages, as an attempt to determine the elements and the story of the musical identity of the region.

We specialize in bringing new formations and connections. We introduce new artists and compositions while giving deep insight into the link between history and music in the East and the West, so that people may share better values. We emulate discussions about the role of music in integration; the role of communities in preserving the cultural heritage; finding ways to safeguard memories; adapting social changes through music and culture in general.