Oriental Landscapes is a five-city contemporary oriental music festival.

The artistic vision of Oriental Landscapes reflects on the history of orientalĀ music and searches for a common ground for the future of the shared musical heritage of the oriental world. In the first Dutch edition, Oriental Landscapes will travel through time exploring origins, interactions and innovation in maqam, the main building block of oriental music.

The artistic program of Oriental Landscapes is made up of concerts, workshops and a conference with scholars and international artists, and lecturers. The conference will focus on the history, origins and forms of maqam from ancient Syria and Iraq and neighboring countries. The interaction between this form and Arabian, Persian, Turkish, Indian, and other oriental music heritages will be explored as an attempt to determine the elements and the story of Syrian musical identity.

The festival presents new ensemble formations and new connections between Eastern and Western musicians. Oriental Landscapes will also introduce young artists and performers who have not appeared in the Netherlands before andĀ premiere new compositions.